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Good Future Technology

Good Future Technology Company is one of the IC design companies which has been founded with the custom chips’ design objective in electronics, radio frequency, telecommunications, and analog and digital designs with state-of-the-art commercial technologies.

The main success factor of our integrated circuits is based on unique blend of systems know-how beside IC design capability. Good future focuses on the system design aspect of any wireless system, and an in-depth competitive analysis, before defining new chip-sets, and embarking on the IC design task. This ability has led our team to be very smart users of existing chips in our system design.


Our main expertise areas categorize into following sections:

  • Analog IC design in CMOS and bipolar
  • Digital IC design including ASIC and FPGA design
  • Mixed-signal IC design
  • High-performance and high-complexity ASICs in application
  • Various technologies such as CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS and familiarity with leading fabs and processes
  • High-speed digital design, IP integration and reuse
  • Strong experience with leading EDA toolsets

Over the last decade we have done many designs in various fields mostly in communication such as DECT, Digital AMPS, GSM, 3G, 4G, WLAN, WiFi and GPS. Some of the block examples of the mentioned fields are as follows: ADC, DAC, DDS, Sigma-Delta, Phase-Locked Loops, VCO, Synthesizers, SONET and other analog high speed blocks. The ICs designed by Good future have been used by many manufacturers of mobile handsets, and personal communications products.


Circuit Design Procedure

  1. Initial customer request
  2. Available solutions research for system requirements
  3. Design specification and acceptable scheduling
  4. Different blocks’ design and simultaneous verification
  5. Accomplished design (schematic or HDL) fully verified
  6. Physical design and device layout completion
  7. Tape out and fabrication
  8. Test board development
  9. Chip Qualification Testing
  10. Technical document preparation

Business Process Steps


Custom Design Solutions

Please start a quick design request here. We will respond in less than a day.